Original Illustrations up for Auction!

Attention!  We’ve made three original Wildwood illustrations available for auction to raise money for Skyline School.  We love Skyline, which is adjacent to Forest Park (in North Wood for you Wildwood nerds) and like many Portland public schools, they depend on their annual auction to fund important programs and keep critical teaching staff employed there.  So bid generously and know it’s going to a good cause.  All three illustrations are being auctioned on ebay.  They are:

The Council Tree

One of 6 color illustrations in Wildwood.  The only other one that’s been made available for purchase is the illustration of the Ghost Bridge, which was also donated to a school auction last year. The Council Tree is the spiritual heart of The Wood and owning it will probably, maybe, possibly bring you good luck. Bid on it HERE.


The Map of the Under Wood

One of three maps in Under Wildwood.  Each of the book’s three parts begin with a map detailing an area where much of that section’s action takes place.  This map features the labyrinthine world of tunnels, caverns, and mole cites  that make up the Under Wood.  It’s the only Wildwood Chronicles map that has been made available for purchase.  Bid on it HERE.


The Postal Van

A half page illustration from Wildwood.  Here Richard, the postmaster, smuggles Prue out of South Wood under cover of darkness.  Bid on it HERE.

All of these illustrations have since been signed.  You can get a better sense of what the actual art looks like on their auction pages.  Thank you for supporting a terrific Portland school!

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