So get this: UNDER WILDWOOD comes out on September 25th, which, by this one’s reckoning, is a MERE WEEK AWAY! A perfect time for a BOOKSELLERS’ CONTEST, don’t you think?

We’re challenging booksellers of all stripe to engage their creative faculties and decorate their bookstores in a decidedly WILDWOOD way. The best and most imaginative redesign, judged by myself and Ms. Ellis, will be awarded an ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART drawn by the illustratrix, Carson Ellis, that will incorporate the name of your bookstore in a pretty banner. But that’s not all: runners up will receive nifty exclusive stuff, which is awfully cool.

But I won’t yammer on: the details have been laid out in graphic form by the nice folks at our publisher. Check it:

Under Wildwood Bookstore Contest Flier

Disclaimer: this only really applies to bookstore employees. If you happen to be a civilian, this may be one of those rare moments in the current economic state-of-things when you might wish you’d taken a job in bookselling. Extra points will be awarded to hedge fund managers and the like who quit their jobs and get hired on at the local bookstore in order to fulfill the requirements of the contest.

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