Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that we present to you the grand-prize winning map.  But first, a description by its cartographer:

Dear, my friend!
I invite you to my home in “Turmdorf” to drink lemonade with me on my balcony.
I draw a map for you so you’ll find me easily. 

If you come from the northeast you’ll surely take the “sea-train”.
The rails lead right through the unspectacular sea and end up in Fridolins big guitar (still working!) on Fridolins ice floe.
He’s some kind of a bear. First he seems to be a little scary with his sharp claws and his yellow teeth but if you take your
time and talk to him he’ll maybe allow you to sleep in his hammock.
And if you have wet clothes he’ll dry them at his guitar strings. Great guy!

If you come from the south-east you’ll definitely see one of the most terrific things in the area: The “old-camera-forest”.
When the trees are in full bloom you collect as many old cameras as you want.
Don’t forget to take some of the filmroll-leaves. To cross the close river (“great river of boneless fishes” g-r-o-b-f)
you’ll have to take the “sorry-you-have-to-jump-bridge”. The builder obviously forget to build the middle part of it.

If you come from the southwest you’ll maybe have to swim through the “g-r-o-b-f”.
But don’t be afraid they are only printed on a big tissue which comes from a spire beyond the “waterfalls of cloth”.
It seems someone in the spire likes stamping.
Take a break and go fishing or have a look at the smallest rollercoaster in the world – right under the rosy main street.

If you come from northwest you’ll take the “land-train” through “meringues mountains” (mjamm!!).
At the right hand of the rails you’ll see the old farm. A place where everybody is allowed to cultivate something.
My new project: planting knitting wool. It works!
At the station you can find my bike. Take the rosy main street, then the direct way to the market square and you’ll just stand in front of my house-tower. Ring the bell and I’ll open the door 🙂


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We don’t know what Julika’s last name is. We also don’t know how old she is or where she lives. She did a very bad job filling out her entry form. In fact, she sent it back to us but she didn’t fill in any of the blanks.  Is Julika too magical for entry forms? Perhaps.

Fortunately, we love her map so much that we don’t care. Congratulations, Julika! You’ve won four giant Wildwood prints. They’ll be making their way slowly to your many-towered home via land-train through the Meringues Mountains. If you end up with a bumper crop of knitting wool this year and want some potatoes, drop me a line. I have lots of the latter and always a need for the former.

Thanks, Julika and everyone else who submitted maps.  It’s been fun!  And we still have a bunch of runners-up to announce, so check back tomorrow.



Julika is Julika Hartmann, age 25, of Heidelberg, Germany.  We still think she’s magical.

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