I have to reiterate: we received a lot of amazing submissions for this contest. It is unbearably hard to pick the winners, but nonetheless: it must be done! Here is your 2nd place finalist, Sierra Smart, 10 years old, of sunny Honolulu, Hawaii:

Ms. Smart gives us the description:

Here is my map. I made the J.A.C.K (Jipponeck Astronomy Cooperation Kingdom) as an agency that kind of protects all of East Star. A Jipponeck is a mixture of a pig, an eagle, and a cat. They are born inside of stars and circle the universe to find a suitable planet to live on. They are very powerful and valuable. The Fortress of Fire is a horrible place where the reward to the people who live there is getting their house (which is made out of iron) burned. The Palace of Sea, is a land with people who live in glass houses, and has sidewalks made out of ever-lasting ice. The ground is made out of tile, and the Fountain of Winter is a fountain that can never run out of water. The Forest of Ink is all Bonewillow trees. Jay Lake is a flowing lake of clear water with a small island all made out of glass. There is more, but I know you are busy.


Not so busy that we can’t receive regular dispatches from East Star! Write that stuff down, Sierra! We really loved this map for lots of different reasons: it’s so colorful, it has a great variety of different worlds all contained within the one country and the whole thing has obviously been born from a totally free-range imagination, which is the best thing of all.

I think I could spend a very happy summer in a cabin on the banks of Jay Lake, just watching the oinking Jipponecks migrate and listening to the rushing babble of the nearby Glistening River.

Tomorrow: our first place winner!

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