Calling all fans of Wildwood and aspiring cartographers!

I have four giant Wildwood prints in my very small studio and I’d like to find a home for them.  They are a little scuffed at the corners but otherwise very nice and VERY BIG (more details below).  Would you like them?  If so, we invite you to enter the IMPROMPTU WILDWOOD MAPMAKING CONTEST.

THE RULES:  Draw a map of an imaginary place.  It must be an imaginary place that YOU imagined; a place YOU invented.  All ages are welcome to participate, though we won’t be judging the maps on how well they’re drawn.  That is to say, maps made by older people who draw very well won’t necessarily win out over maps made by little kids who are still working on their drawing chops.  They’ll be judged by how much Colin and I like them and the main things we like when it comes to maps of imaginary places are creativity and originality.  Just have fun and make something great!  Also, please read THIS VERY IN-DEPTH LIST OF CONTEST RULES PROVIDED BY OUR PUBLISHER.

Once you have drawn your map, please write a short description of it, scan it or, if you must, take a good, clear photo of it and email it, along with THIS ENTRY FORM to wildwoodchronicles (at)  Please write “MAP!” in the subject line so we don’t lose track of it and make sure the file is at least 500 pixels wide.


Grand Prize:  These four crazy, giant prints, signed by Colin and me.  They are one-of-a-kind, having been printed by my professional printer dad for the Wildwood book tour.  Each one is 24″ x 36″ and mounted on foam core.  They depict the map of the wood, the badger with the rickshaw, Prue and Curtis entering Wildwood and the book’s cover.  With the exception of the cover, they all have a foldout support on the back so that they can be free-standing.  They probably won’t all fit in your room, unless your room is a lot bigger than my studio, but maybe they would make nice birthday presents for your friends.

Here are the prints with Hank Meloy for scale.

Second Place Prize:  this little drawing of Septimus that wasn’t in the book because Colin saw it and said that he wished that Septimus was wearing pants.  “Why?” I asked.  “Because he looks naked,” said he.  I made the argument that all rats are naked, all the time, but it was no use.  Anyhow, win a drawing of a naked rat!

for shame!

Third Place Prize:  a signed copy of Wildwood… German!  Do you read German?  Well, maybe it’s time to learn.


We’ll also include a WILDWOOD IRREGULARS button with each prize and we’ll send some to the runners-up too.

THE FINE PRINT:  All entries must be received by Friday, May 4th.  Contest winners will be announced Monday, May 7th.  By sending your maps to us, you are agreeing to let us post them on our blog and Facebook page, though we promise to credit you.  May the most-inspired cartographer win!

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